Healthvision Starburst

Healthvision is committed to providing quality care to our clients while maintaining practices and programs that are consistent with the laws and regulations that govern our work.

Clients have the right to provide feedback, raise a concern or make a complaint about the services provided by Healthvision (refer Right 10 - Code of Rights).

The form below is provided to communicate any question, feedback, concern or complaint about Healthvision to our Quality Officer for further investigation.

This form can also be used by Healthvision staff.



Please complete the form below and provide as much detail as possible.

You may choose to remain anonymous, however that may hamper our ability to follow up with you.


Your feedback will be reviewed and acknowledged within 5 working days.

If you provide contact information, someone will contact you with follow up information.

Additional information may be sent to

You may also wish to call us toll free on 0508 733 377.

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Further information about the Code of Rights can be found at the HDC Website.

This website also provides information on how to make a complaint via the office of the Health and Disability Commissioner.

Clients can also seek the support of the independent Advocacy Service.