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Healthvision NZ forms strategic partnership with BAYADA Home Health Care

As a passionate follower of best-practice healthcare, Healthvision has spent the last four years looking for a leading global partner who shares our vision, values and aspirations for care excellence and who can support Healthvision in our growth journey. I’m thrilled to announce that in BAYADA Home Health Care, we have found that partner.

In February, Healthvision entered into a strategic partnership with BAYADA, a world-class home health care provider headquartered in the United States, with operations in Ireland, Germany, South Korea and India.

This new relationship will enable Healthvision to access BAYADA’s innovative systems and practices, and achieve our goals of providing the best client experience, being the preferred employer and remaining the most innovative in-home care provider. As a 2017 winner of the U.S. Top Agency Award and 2018 winner of U.S. Best Homecare Provider of Choice, BAYADA is experienced and well resourced to assist us with our ambitions to achieve the highest standard of care for New Zealanders.

BAYADA’s founder, Mark Baiada, and his wife Ann are truly inspiring. Like Healthvision, BAYADA is founded on a commitment to excellence and high standards. From its beginnings in 1975, BAYADA has championed its core values of Compassion, Excellence and Reliablity. Also like Healthvision, BAYADA looks past disabilities to abilities, focusing on enabling their clients to live safely at home with comfort, independence and dignity.

Under our strategic partnership BAYADA has taken a minority shareholding in Healthvision NZ Limited alongside the Healthvision founders Sue and John Doherty.  We will also be welcoming another member of the BAYADA family, Mark’s brother Mel Baiada, onto our Board as a Director.  Mel is a Director of BAYADA and has an extensive background in homecare and the successful launch, funding and operation of new technology enterprises.   

Over the last several years, Mark, Ann and the Baiada family developed an innovative path to succession. Instead of taking the company public, selling it to private equity, or passing it down to the next generation, the family decided to put mission over money. To ensure long-term sustainability and a lasting legacy, the organisation is transitioning the business into a nonprofit.

We invite you to learn more about BAYADA at www.bayada.com.

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