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Healthvision is helping transform Brain Injury Services

Healthvision New Zealand and ABI Rehabilitation have been working closely with the Ministry of Health, ACC, client and whanau representatives and other providers to help improve services to clients who have suffered from a moderate-severe TBI in the Auckland region.Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common, however around 90% of TBIs are considered mild. Nonetheless for individuals who have suffered from a TBI, the personal and family/whanau impact can be substantial.

Healthvision and ABI Rehabilitation co-led a highly collaborative team to design a best practice approach for discharging clients from ABI to the community. This includes service planning with the MOH and ACC Case Managers, better coordination of services, improved client and family/whanau information sharing and better tracking of outcomes. Healthvision’s mission is to transform services and achieve the best outcomes for clients with a long-term disability or serious injury, and the TBI pathways work forms a key part of this goal.

To date, Healthvision’s clients have seen substantial benefits from its award-winning quality standards and unique wraparound service that integrates specialised homecare, nursing and rehabilitation expertise.

Importantly Healthvision’s expert teams can facilitate seamless care, maximise functional ability and help avoid unnecessary complications.  

The TBI work is ongoing and ACC will also be holding strategic discussion sessions in the Auckland Region as it develops its long-term TBI strategy, where client and family/whanau representatives will also be closely involved in helping design the best future services.

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